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your source for rock photographs.

rocktography: a place for rock photos.
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This is a community focusing on photos of musicians, focusing mostly on the indie and britrock genres, but all genres are welcome. Some posts in this community will be friends-only, so make sure to join the community (not just watch it) so you don't miss out!

If you're a gig photographer, either amateur or professional, we would love to see your work, so please feel free to join and share your work with us!

1. All posts must contain at least one photo.

2. All large photos (more than 600px wide) must be placed behind a cut or thumbnailed. This rule also applies if you're posting more than two smaller photos.

3. No hotlinking! If you wish to post these photos elsewhere, please feel free, but upload them to your own server space.

4. No slagging off bands! If a post is of a band you don't fancy, simply scroll by it. Good natured teasing is welcome, but any hateful comments will be deleted and you will be warned on the first occasion, and banned on the second.

5. Requests should be kept to request posts ONLY. Any requests made in other posts will be either ignored or deleted.

6. Please use tags when posting. It makes posts easier to archive.

7. Don't ask members where they found the photos they're posting. It's bad form, and what does it matter anyway?

8. Unless stated otherwise, we do not claim copyright over any photos posted here. If you see your photos posted here and would like them removed, please e-mail your_mod and they will be removed immediately.

9. What a mod says and does, goes. We take all suggestions and input into consideration, but we have the final word. Violating rules, mouthing off to members or a mod can and will result in banning. Questions? Feel free to email your inquiries in a civilised manner to your_mod.

10. Enjoy!

Link to us!

rocktography: aplace for rock photographs.

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pipettes_daily, photos of the Brighton band, The Pipettes

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